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Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteering is a fine example of Impersonal work. When you volunteer your time and other people know about it, they may want to volunteer, too. You can even make your volunteer day a chance to catch up with friends too (if you can still do your volunteer job well), or a way to bond as a family. In addition, even doing kind things for others is an Impersonal work. You never know what doing something kind will bring about, and it benefits the person receiving in addition to the person giving. A recent study found that volunteering lowers depression, increases well-being, and is correlated with a 22 percent reduction in the risk of death. However, some people claim that too much volunteering can actually be stressful and bad for your health. You should only volunteer as much as makes you happy and content. By donating your valuable time, you will witness firsthand how the MKA makes a difference and that can be very rewarding. Seeing an organisation make a difference in person also might help you to keep coming back to donate your time.

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