Six Strong Reasons To Donate

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      1.   Give because it will make you happier

According to MKA, kind acts benefit the giver even more than the receiver. As long as acts of kindness don’t become obligatory or overwhelming, they can enrich the giver and the whole community. Altruism in all its forms – kindness, generosity, compassion, volunteering, and donating money — has the potential to reward the giver as much or more than the recipient.

  1. Give if you want to serve humanity

Unfortunately not all humans are in the same position like we are. Donating money to our Philanthropic project is just as serving humanity The best way to provide long term help to human beings is to sponsor MKA’s one of the 7 Philanthropic project. You will be able to serve humanity effectively by sponsoring MKA.

Request your friends to pick this important humanity cause and donate. Give a donation as a gift instead of buying an unwanted gadget. Donate in honor of a loved one.

  1. Give because every bit helps

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the problems in the world and feel like you can’t make a difference. There is a lot of poverty, millions of under served children, and many, many unfortunate people. While you can’t save everyone but you can make a difference with your donation.
Every little bit helps. The truth is that if every person gave a little, our world would be a lot happier and a much better place. Just getting the word out makes a difference. Use Facebook. Use Twitter. Share what you believe with others. Who knows, one of them might become inspired and make a large donation that makes a huge difference.

    4.Give because MKA spends minimum on administration

MKA acknowledges your generous but valuable donation. MKA’s intention is to spend less than 10% of the money on administration. So we can utilize almost all of your donation contribution on 7 Philanthropic projects and generally bear other expenses through other fund raising activities or through other sponsor. MKA would like to give you assurance that your money will be well used.

 5.Give because MKA’S Projects are very cost effective

MKA’s 7 Philanthropic but cost effective projects are in place because of many volunteers dedicating their time and lives for this noble cause that we all are proud of.

6. Give because donations to MKA are Tax Deductible

First of all, donations of $2 and above are tax deductible from October 2012,
In addition to donating for tax purposes; you also might want to donate as part of a work event. Many employers offer employees one day off per year paid that is to be used just for volunteering.
This not only provides you financial incentive but proves credibility of the MKA and its sincerity towards Philanthropic work.